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Blackberry Phone QWERTY Keyboard

Handheld gadgets of the year 2017. Let’s just go ahead and admit it, this is the age of the smart phone. More than 80% of our gadget work is done through smart phones, whether it’s a quick Google search, editing a document, or sending an email all of these activities are done through the smart phone. The current smartphone market is dominated by the tech giants Samsung and Apple, with their Android based Galaxy and iOS based iPhones respectively as the flagship products. However before these two came on the scene, the field was dominated by Blackberry, though it has a decent market share, it seems it plans on making a huge comeback.


Though Blackberry has released 2 all touch smartphones recently, that isn’t the talk of town as it plans to release QWERTY keyboard smartphone. Named to be Blackberry Mercury, it is based on the Blackberry Classic’s design but will be ultimately a smartphone that will rival all the best things in the market. It will be capable of super fast and efficient processing as the processor will be the Qualcomm 8935 (Snapdragon 625), allowing it to rival some of the best phones out currently. In addition to the processor, it will have a 4.5” screen with 3:2 display ratio. Meaning, in other words, despite having a keyboard on the screen, it will have an adequate display. For fast response time it will be fitted with a 3gb ram with 32 gb internal storage; whether its pictures, videos, music, apps, games, or your daily Google keyword searches such as for a galleria dentist, there will be more than adequate space and speed for you to compete with other popular brands. The Mercury is also announced to be fitted with an 18 megapixel rear camera, allowing you HD pictures and videos on the go, no matter where you are. Coupled with the phone’s internal memory storage, your photography dreams will come true.


There is also good news for all the selfie lovers out there as well, as it also comes with an equally powerful 8 megapixel front camera, allowing you to capture selfies in a matter of seconds. But all these features can rather be draining on your phone battery as we have found through our usertesting, its got to have something to take the punishment and that is exactly what it has in the shape of a 3400 mAh battery, that will last the time no matter your need, it will hold. Such a big battery would take hours to charge right? Not exactly, as the phone has the Quick Charge 3.0 feature allowing it charge in half the time. Made with extreme precision and craftsmanship, the Mercury is built with durable aluminum housing allowing to take some physical punishment, they we would recommend you don’t find out for yourself just how much.

On paper this phone looks promising, and we’re eager to see what happens and how it fares in the technical market of Houston SEO expert. The phone will be released in February 2017, and whether Blackberry’s latest radical phone remain just an unsuccessful try or will it actually make its mark, remains to be seen.


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